Jesus Peiro

Since its inception, the Jesús Peiró brand, founded in 1988 and the property of Intersposa S.A., has been devoted exclusively to dressing brides, positioning itself as a specialist brand in bridal wear.

Under a philosophy based on the demand for quality, all dresses from the Jesús Peiró firm are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, creating collections where the quality of the finish, close to that of haute couture, is the keynote.

The sophistication of the line, the harmony in the interplay of volumes and textiles, the superb care of the finish, always carried out by hand, the exclusive adornments and an elegant and refined style make up the identity of Jesús Peiró.

Label available at both stores.

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To view and try on more dresses from this designer, please book an appointment to see us. The images included on this page only represent a small selection of the dresses we carry in-house.