Crowned “Best Bridal Retailer England”

My, what an amazing week we’ve had – we’ve only just come back down to earth after the Bridal Buyer Awards on Monday night!

We’ve been finalists for similar accolades for a few years now and we were not expecting to walk away with an award on Monday night – so much so, that I *nipped* to the ladies before the awards presentation started and missed our announcement – so very me! Leaving my right-hand lady and all round wonder-woman, Eve Broadhurst and the very fabulous Abbie Lord to accept the award for Best Bridal Retailer in England. WOW!!

My slightly foggy memory is of Eve and Abbie standing oddly still looking at me in shock when my eyes scanned downwards and I noticed Eve’s shaky hands holding the award. Cue lots of hugs, *whooping* and I think we may have performed some kind of Irish jig (!!!) Oh, and then there was lots of fizz, catching up with industry friends and too many high-kicks on that dance floor. What a night! Such good fun.

We’re coming up to **FIVE** years in business and wow what a journey we have had. We can safely say this has been the absolute highlight to have industry recognition for the hardwork and dedication we put into our business. We do live, sleep and breathe our work and it’s important we make you ladies happy. It’s what we are here to do.

**Warning – Gweneth Paltrow-esque acceptance speech below***

The White Closet would not be where it is today without the beautiful Miss Eve Broadhurst (… and soon to be Mrs McCall!) and the rest of our talented ladies – Abbie Lord, Rowan Eastwood and our former White Closet colleagues – who are still on our payroll because they’re bloody brilliant and help us out whenever we need them – Lucy Cowan and Sarah Morris. Not forgetting our, frankly, *the* best seamstress in the North West, Suzanne, who helps make sure you ladies are fitted beautifully into your gowns.

A special mention, also, to the good husband Rich, who – despite being an advertising high-flyer by day – helps out behind the scenes with the all important book-keeping, accounts and advertising. Often spending hours with me number-crunching.

As always, we thank you – our White Closet brides – for continuing to support a growing, independent business. We’re passionate about independent businesses and particularly adore our spot on Burton Road where we rub shoulders with some fantastically and brilliantly unique companies, sole traders and shopkeepers. It’s what makes Didsbury, particularly West Didsbury, a real gem of place to live, work and visit.

Here’s to celebrating independent businesses, hardwork, dedication… and dreams!

Much love

Nik xx

Here’s some iPhone pics from the night – a little grainy, but you can see how much we’re beaming from ear-to-ear!



Me, left, and Eve.


L-R: Rowan, Nikki, Abbie and Eve

Proud moment!

From left: Rowan, Blaine, Nikki, Abbie, Eve, Richard and Rich


Big squeezes!

The Graemes

Rowan was a little to eager with the spoon banging!

Rowan with the wonderful Sally from