Debunking Trunk Shows: How they can help your hunt…

Each bride has their own personal journey when it comes to finding their dress, and whilst the Holy Grail of appointments would be for the first dress to be the one, sometimes the magic happens a little more slowly. Occasionally you will see our social media pages excitedly exclaim that we are hosting a weekend trunk show that are inviting brides to attend. So what are these elusive ‘trunk shows’, and how can they help you on your journey to bridal bliss?

A trunk show is an event during which we empty the front of our boutique, safely stashing away our usual gowns, in order to display one specific designer. By representing a single designer for the weekend this allows us to display much more of the their collection than our snug boutique would usually allow for. We can therefore show off gowns that we don’t always have in store, and can exhibit the designer’s new collections in all their glory. We essentially become a flagship store for one golden weekend.

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If you have found a designer who you love, but you haven’t quite found the exact dream dress yet, trunk shows offer you the opportunity to delve in and get to know the full collection. So for instance, if you were to attend a Jenny Packham Trunk Show at The White Closet (see below for details) upon entering our store you would see a wall-to-wall treasure trove of sparkling and silk chiffon dresses. The trunk show runs on an appointment basis, and much like a normal bridal appointment, it begins with you perusing the dresses and picking out those that you would like to try on. We would then spend your appointment trying on dresses, accessorizing them, and discussing your big day.

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The differentiator is that you are fully exploring a designer that you like, rather than trying on dresses by a selection of designers. Jenny Packham’s 2016 collection bought us ethereal Shakespearian splendor with dresses such as ‘Hero’, ‘Ophelia’, and ‘Juliet’. Whilst her 2017 collection promises the perfect pairing of opulent but relaxed gowns, as featured in her Midwestern-barn themed campaign. A trunk show allows you to fully immerse yourself in the newest collection before the dresses fully enter boutiques, giving you a first look at the latest season.

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Alongside feeling gorgeous in your dress, there are important surrounding factors that help to narrow down the process of choosing one. Does it fit with the day? Is the train comfortable to walk with? And not forgetting the price! Well, trunk shows and offers tend to come hand in hand. Whilst the promotions vary from trunk show to trunk show you can expect deals such as a 10% reduction in price, or a half price accessory if you order the dress that weekend. When planning a wedding every pound is important, so savings on your dress can be a welcome benefit of attending a trunk show.

Important things to remember:

  • Come ready to buy your dress! Offers on Trunk Shows are for that limited time period and the dresses will only be there for that set time. The set of dresses will usually be heading off to another boutique so loaning them post-trunk show is quite tricky. 
  • Wear pale underwear and minimal make up. This applies to all bridal appointments.
  • Choose your help carefully. This is NOT a day to bring 4 of your bridesmaids for a nice day out, more than 2 opinions is confusing. This is the day for one good friend/family member for serious decision making chats. 

Hopefully we have sold you on the value of trunk shows, if so, the following are dates for your diary, and we would love to see you there!

Trunk shows at our Manchester Boutique:

Jenny Packham  : 8th-10th September 2016

Jesus Peiro  : 29th Sept- 1st October 2016

Halfpenny London  : 21st-22nd  October 2016

Charlie Brear  : 4th-5th November 2016

Trunk shows at our Liverpool boutique:

Charlie Brear   : 9th-10th September 2016

Jenny Packham  : 21st-23rd October 2016

Jesus Peiro  : 2nd-3rd December 2016